Tamás Fehér Auditor

e-mail: tomw88@gmail.com
mobil: +36307480350 


In 1987, he graduated full-time from the Faculty of Public Administration's administration major. He qualified as a tax consultant in 1992 and as a certified public accountant in 1995.

Professional experience:

Since 1995, he has been carrying out his activities as a tax consultant and auditor as a social entrepreneur. He has been a cooperating partner of the law firm since 2006.

Other interests:

Outside of his profession, his special interests are handball and tennis. Between 2011-2012, she was the president of the Dunaújváros Women's Handball Club, and between 2017-2018, she was the president of the Vasas SC Handball Department. He is currently a member of the Control Board of the Hungarian Tennis Association.

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